Dots Gray
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Kitchen Overview

Our website is under Construction, just like our building.  Check back often for updates and info.




Walk-in refrigerator

Walk-in Freezer

Doulbe Stack Convection Oven(2)

6 Burner range (2)

36" Charbroiler (1)

36" Flat top Griddle

Deep Fryer (2)

60 and 20 QT Mixers

30 gallon Tilt Skillet

Ice machine

Dish washer

4 Compartment sink

3 Compartment sink

2 Compartment Prep sink (3)

Commercial Slicer

Microwave oven

Can Opener

Work Tables

Hand washing Sink (6)




24/7 Access

Utilities (water|Gas|electric)

Towels|Apron service

On site Washer and dryer (has not yet arrived)

Dry Storage

Security System

Tasting Room

Garbage & Recycling (composting has not yet arrived)

Food & SUpply Delivery

Mop Sink (2)

Utility Carts 

Sheet pan Racks

A la carte services




Food Manager's Certificate  - All food businesses/owners/managers must have at least one employee who has a Food Managers Certificate -- required by the City of Minneapolis Health Department.  

Food Handler's training - All employees, if any, of your food business must have a Food Handler’s. Certificate  (If you have Food Manager's you do not also need Food Handler's).

Dots Gray Kitchen Operating Agreement - This is the contractual Terms and Conditions related to using Dots gray Kitchen. Mobile Food Vendors also have a similar agreement to sign with us.  

Security Deposit - refundable after 30 days of non-use

Insurance - A certificate of insurance showing a minimum of $1,000,000 commercial general liability insurance with Dots Gray KITCHEN LLC listed as an additional insured.  Client must maintain such policy for the duration of any kitchen use.

Current Business License - Caterers, food trucks and most direct to consumer business must be licensed by the City of Minneapolis. Wholesale food manufactures, or those producing food for sale at retail locations are licenced by the Minnesota Department of Agriculture. A copy of your license must be provided to Dots Gray Kitchen and you must add Dots Gray kitchen as a location for your business.